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Faith Formation Registration 2021 - 2022

1st Reconciliation

God’s forgiving, healing love helps us to grow and become sharers in the ministry of reconciliation. As Christian parents, we lay the foundation of this ministry by giving unconditional love, forgiveness and reconciliation to our children. And as our children experience this in our care, they begin to glimpse the true nature of the love of God and the promise of lasting peace and happiness, which is God’s promise to us. Families requesting the Sacrament of Reconciliation will have their child’s regular studies supplemented with an additional program which involves the parents more actively in the preparation for the Sacrament. Included with regular Mass attendance are parent sessions to support the parents in preparing your child and a retreat experience for parents and child. Parents here prepare their own children for the sacrament.

1st Eucharist

The celebration of the Eucharist (The Mass) is at the heart of our Catholic Faith. Children and their parents must make the commitment to attend Mass regularly. Attendance in classes does NOT suffice for the reception of the Sacraments. Mass attendance is required for those requesting the Sacraments.

The day of first Holy Communion is the beginning of a new journey with Jesus. Beginning on this day, we are able to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, the Real Presence of Jesus, every day if we so choose. We are certainly encouraged to partake of this sacred feast at least weekly. As we do so, we participate in a special grace that helps us in our daily walk through life. Eucharist also helps us to understand that our walk with Jesus is truly a journey of life that never ends.

Families requesting the Sacrament of Eucharist will have their child’s regular studies supplemented by an additional program which actively involves the parents in the preparation for your child’s First Communion. .


Upon completion of two years in the high school RE program or a Catholic High School, students will be invited to enroll in the immediate preparation for Confirmation. This includes attendance at a day-long Confirmation retreat, faith-sharing classes in homes, a large group session, confession and interviews and participation in a group service project. As with the other sacraments, Mass attendance is an integral and important part of this preparation.

RCIA and Christian Initiation of Children

If a child over the age of 6 or an adult is requesting Baptism (s)he will be enrolled in either the RCIA or RCIC program for preparation for the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. This program runs separately from the regular religious education sessions.

Older students who have been baptized but not received the sacraments will be evaluated on an individual basis for preparation for the sacraments. All back material missed will be covered before the child will be enrolled in a Sacramental Program.

Adults requesting Confirmation, who have received the other sacraments, will participate in special Confirmation classes for adults. Confirmation will be celebrated for them either in the Fall or at the Easter Vigil. For more information, please contact Barb Wyse at 634-3660.